Corporate Policy on the Environment

San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC) is committed to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the environment. Thus, SMYPC will actively contribute towards a clean and healthy environment for the well-being of its employees, consumers, and communities where it operates. The company's Environment Management System focuses on continual improvement, a key philosophy which reflects how SMYPC utilizes its resources and manufactures, packages, distributes, and markets its wide range of products.

SMYPC Holistic Approach

  • Exercising leadership in providing environmentally acceptable manufacturing processes and products
  • Actively developing and implementing processes which involve the sustainable use of resources, pollution prevention, and waste management
  • Consistently meeting environmental standards and influencing its key stakeholders through the sharing of the company's
    environmental policy

Re-use of Waste

  • In-house process scrap re-used to reduce need for virgin raw materials
  • Participation in waste exchange programs, wherein plant waste materials are given to partner companies for use as process inputs

Plastics and Flexibles

  • Old and non-reusable plastic pallets and crates are crushed, melted, and re-molded again to produce new crates and pallets.
  • Production of hybrid plastic pallets that include waste plastic materials:
  • PP caps, poly bags, plastic bags, HDPE, LDPE, PET, etc.

Programs/Strategies for Waste Reduction

  • Improved machine efficiencies
  • Improved material efficiencies through the maximization of material input
  • Employee training and counseling

Glass Packaging

  • Glass is 100% recyclable. Usage of discarded glass material called cullet extends furnace life and reduces energy costs. Cullets are broken glasses from carbonated drinks, beer, liquor, pharmaceutical bottles, and packer jars.
  • Handling Requirements:
  • Segregate according to color
  • Contaminants removed
  • Washed

Paper Packaging

  • SMYPC uses a significant amount of recycled paper as raw material for its corrugated carton product line.
  • Every ton of paper recycled saves almost 13 trees. It saves 2.5 barrels of oil, 4,100 KWH of electricity, 4 cubic meters of landfill and 31,780 liters of water.
  • Recycling paper means less paper going to landfill, where it rots down to methane.
  • Recycling paper also means that there is a substitute available for virgin paper.


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