Package Performance

Research and Development is the main business activity of one of our Malaysian companies.

Most of our R&D projects can be classified under applied and incremental R&D related to packaging. These include work on cellulosic fibre research, product innovation, cost effective packaging development, production process improvement, material substitution and package performance studies, etc.

Research and Development

We prefer to carry out R&D project work on a Contract Basis but we accept other arrangements, such as collaborative and supervisory work.

Packaging Research Center (PRC) is an approved R&D company. Therefore, our Malaysian corporate clients are eligible for Double Tax Deduction under Section 34B of Income Tax Act 1967.

  • Package Performance Related Testing

    • ASTM D4169 Performance Test for Shipping Containers
    • Constant Load (Static) Compression Test
    • Constant Speed Compression Test
    • Drop Test with Option to Measure Deceleration (G Value) Upon Impact
    • Furniture Package Performance Evaluation
    • Humidity and Temperature Conditioning
    • ISTA Pre-Shipment (Transportation) Evaluation
    • Pallet Performance Evaluation
    • Shock and Vibration Environmental Recorder (SAVER)
  • Packaging Design Services

    • Computer Aided Designing Facility Linked to Sample Making Table
    • Simulation of Pallet and Freight Container Utilization
    • Tailor-made Designing Capability (e.g. Corrugated Board Cushioning Cell,
      Display Stand, etc.)
    • Corrugated Box, Folding/Duplex Box, Gift Box Design
  • Technical Training Courses

    • Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing of Low Moisture Foods
    • Metal Packaging
    • Paper Packaging
    • Plastic Flexible Packaging
    • Quality Control on Canning
    • Transport Packaging
  • Test Services

    • Package Performance Related Testing
    • Paper Packaging Related Testing
    • Plastic Packaging Related Testing
    • Food Related Services
Creatives Team

The Creatives Team is envisioned to deliver services that “go beyond packaging.” It creates its own products and services – customizing it to the packaging and non-packaging needs of the different stakeholders of SMYPC. From concept to commercialization, our Creatives Team is aimed to contribute to the growth of our customers and partners.


Creative and Technical Core

The Creatives Team is the creative and technical core which offers an entire spectrum of services for both packaging and non-packaging requirements. Our in-house facility is equipped with the state-of-the-art machines baked with technical expertise and packaging know-how. It merges aesthetic design and functionality in order to produce imaginative packaging innovations for a wide variety of products for food, beverages, pharmaceutical, personal care, agricultural, industrial products and more. The Creatives Team takes pride in its talented graphic designers and packaging professionals who are knowledgeable in the intricacies of packaging, having been in the packaging business for more than 8 decades. 

  • Design to Print or Production

    From concepts born from brainstorming activities to visually-stimulating comprehensives to precision final artworks which translate to eye-catching printed packaging formats to contain and display products prominently in the market shelves. This is also includes the designing up to printing of various advertising collaterals, website design development, and production of exhibition booths and modules.

  • Comprehensive Package Design

    Quantitative and qualitative research and studies considering technology and application to come up with a product that attracts your consumers' attention while maintaining product integrity.

    • Flexible Packaging (Curviché, Retort Pouches, Stand-up Pouches, Sachets, ESD Bags, Labels)
    • Carrier & Inner Cartons and Bags
    • Metal Packaging (Thermochromic / Glow-in-the-dark Cans, Retortable Can)
    • Glass Packaging
    • Plastics Packaging (rigid plastic containers, chicken flooring EMAT)
  • Photoshoot and Art Direction

    • Image enhancement
    • Food styling
  • Web and Corporate Identity Design

    • Brand Names
    • Standards Manual
    • Letterheads
    • Business Cards
    • Signages
  • Advertising Collaterals

    • Brochures
    • Banners
    • Posters
    • Shelf Talkers / Price tags
    • Flyers
    • Leaflets
    • Tent Cards
    • Recipe Cards
    • Sales / Trade Kits
    • Cards, Gift Certificates, Tickets
  • Merchandising Items

    • Exhibition Module and Booths
    • Outdoor Display / Cartondola
    • Calendars
    • Van design
    • Uniforms
    • Bags
    • Promo Items

SMYPC provides customers with option such as outsourcing packaging requirements partners and suppliers, which will be advantageous to the customers' growth.

Sourcing Services

  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Technology Sourcing

Consultancy Expertise

To offer its supervisory consultancy expertise through its Contract Packaging services. Through this, customers who lack production facilities and have limited technical capabilities are provided the right production services and resources.



    • CUSTOMER OPERATED - Plant facilities and contract-filling operations are under the responsibility of the customer. Packaging equipment, packaging materials, and machine maintenance are under SMYPC.


    • THIRD PARTY OPERATED - Packaging equipment, plant facilities and operations, and machine maintenance are under the responsibility of an accredited party supplier. Packaging materials are supplied by SMYPC.


    • SMYPC OPERATED - All equipment, facilities, functions related to the contract filling operations are under SMYPC's supervision based on agreed specifications. Packaging Materials inventory is under SMYPC.


We offer consultancy service on the conduct of special studies that will assist customers in analyzing the performance of their packages in the trade and during transit.


  • Allows customers to concentrate on their core expertise
  • Eliminates planning for packaging materials inventory
  • Eliminates minimum volume requirements
  • Provides faster cycle time for new product development
    and launches
  • Assures the customer of quality product delivery that fits
    the agreed specifications
  • Minimizes, if not eliminates, capital outlay

  • Trade Test

    We conduct simulation studies jointly with our customer to measure the ability of the package to withstand exposure to elements and rough handling while in transit until reaching the end consumer.

  • Float Analysis Test

    We help determine, together with our customers, the profile of returnable packages in the distribution system in terms of trippage, age, and condition for the purpose of replacement and assessment of package life cycle.

Total Packaging Solutions Program

In line with the Total Packaging Solutions Program or Packaging Plus, SMYPC partners with businesses by offering Crate and Pallet Leasing services.

With this system, we assist in making businesses better by eliminating the need for huge capital investments, addressing the seasonality of packaging requirements, and guaranteeing the supply of crates and pallets. For these, companies are assured of having efficient packaging and transport of their goods so they can focus more on their production.


Closed-Loop Scheme - Customers borrow crates/pallets for a specific period and return them after the duration agreed upon. 

Trip-Based Scheme - Customers borrow crates/pallets per trip. We collect the empty crates from the customer's recipients.


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