• Packaging System Development

    We provide total consultancy and advisory services for packaging of new and existing products, development of new packaging, enhancing existing packaging or systems,and reducing total packaging costs.



    • Packaging Technical Information and Training - We assist our customers in selecting the best packaging option from our portfolio by conducting briefings on the latest trends in packaging and packaging breakthroughs.
    • Packaging Research - We do extensive market research jointly with our customers intended to gather consumer feedback and validate preferences on identified packaging formats.
    • Graphics Design - We offer concepts, design services, and technical expertise for packaging, advertising, and merchandising design requirements.
    • Performance Design - We develop cost-effective and integrated packaging systems that address customer's needs such as benefits to  users, machinability, logistical and distribution requirements, and environmental concerns.
  • Converting

    We transform raw materials for packaging into finished products be it glass, metal, paper, plastics, or composites.

    • Toll Processing - We convert customer-supplied raw materials into packaging specified by customers.
    • All-in Processing - We provide customers with packaging by doing raw material sourcing and actual processing-to-delivery.
  • Trading

    We outsource packaging from reputable partners worldwide to provide more beneficial options to customers.

    • Raw Material Sourcing - We strategically and purposively search, jointly with customers, the best-valued packaging raw materials.
    • Packaging Material Sourcing - We source customer-specified packaging formats that we do not manufacture from our network of accredited packaging partners.
  • Financial Options

    We offer a roster of financing options to suit the financial structure of a customer's organization such as leasing, reciprocity, pricing formula, early payment discounts, and bank-to-bank payments.

We offer programs to ensure that our customer get their packaging on time and at the right quantity through synchronized inventory planning system.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory

    We assume responsibility for the planning, storage, delivery, and replenishment of our customer's inventory based on pre-agreed stock plan.



  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Program

    We guarantee the delivery of goods on the assigned date as directed by the production schedule that the customer provides us in advance.

  • Forward Stocking

    We ensure the availability of packaging materials through buffer stocks to support sudden surges in a customer's packaging requirements.

  • Network Linkage

    We link up with our customer's electronic business systems to facilitate processing of orders up to receipt of payment.

We offer programs to assist our customers develop efficient filling processes and cost-effective operations.


  • Contract Packaging

    We provide supervisory and consultancy services for customers without filling lines, where all functions related to contract packaging - from providing the packaging materials, filling, packaging to delivery - are completely or selectively managed by us.

  • Packaging Line Enhancement

    We provide consultancy and project management services for machine maintenance, calibration, design and fabrication, and monitoring and evaluation of packaging lines.

  • Packaging Training

    We conduct continuing education programs such as technical training and line performance monitoring to maximize the benefits of packaging technology applications.

  • Sourcing and Supply of Equipment

    We source packaging equipment that is aligned to our customer's standards through our network of reputable packaging partners.

  • Manufacturing

    We offer programs to assist our customers develop efficient filling processes and cost-effective operations.

We offer consultancy service on the conduct of special studies that will assist customers in analyzing the performance of their packages in the trade and during transit.

  • Trade Test

    We conduct simulation studies jointly with our customer to measure the ability of the package to withstand exposure to elements and rough handling while in transit until reaching the end consumer.

  • Float Analysis Test

    We help determine, together with our customers, the profile of returnable packages in the distribution system in terms of trippage, age, and condition for the purpose of replacement and assessment of package life cycle.

We assist customers in complying with packaging-related environmental regulations and industry standards and ensuring that the packages and systems result in minimum environmental impact.

  • Waste Management Education

    We offer programs in educating customers on proper packaging waste management.

  • Environment Audit

    We can provide assistance to our customers in evaluating their Environment Management Systems.


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