We have developed eco-friendly processes as our way towards a cleaner and greener future. SMYPC continues to seek ways to create sustainable packaging that encompasses the design, material of choice, structure, and performance of its products.

San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation is committed to adhering to San Miguel Corporation’s vision of A Better World, these sustainability programs show our commitment to THE COMMUNITY AND OUR PLANET. We believe that taking small steps towards more sustainable practices makes this world a better place.

Manufacture and Donation
of PPEs and Rightshield

In the wake of the pandemic, SMYPC heeds the call for a safer community by manufacturing and distributing PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) and Right Shield (surgical face masks) which were donated to various schools and hospitals. The company tapped community- based tailors and dressmakers in Laguna, Cavite, Pasay, and Quezon City, to assemble the protective suits, using medical fabric produced in SMYPC’s facility in Malaysia.

Balik Bote

The Balik Bote program implemented by SMYPC for over a few decades now, runs in communities where we operate, and with other targeted stakeholders. It promotes the return of identified glass bottles, containers, or broken glass, which we call cullets, to our facilities. These cullets are then used as one of the raw materials needed to produce brand new glass. Glass is the perfect example of the Circular Economy as it is a perpetually recyclable material.

Use of Regrinds

SMYPC retrieves condemned or damaged crates and pallets from its customers and crushes them to produce “regrinds.” The regrinds are then used as one of the raw materials in producing new plastic products which still meet customer’s standards. This program helps reduce the volume of plastic waste and use of virgin plastic raw materials.

Rainwater Harvesting and Recycling

This water conservation project of SMYPC supports San Miguel Corporation’s Water for All program which aims to reduce the company’s overall consumption of water. Rainwater and recycled water collected are used in cooling plant equipment and machines, washing company vehicles, fire prevention activities, irrigation, and maintenance of our facilities.

Shift to Renewable Energy

SMYPC gears up on utilizing technologies towards cleaner and renewable energy sources to power up its facilities. It uses solar energy in lighting some administrative buildings and the facilities’ perimeters. The goal for the coming years is to utilize more renewable energy to help conserve natural resources.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Monitoring

Monitoring This program aims to monitor and reduce the impact of SMYPC’s operations to the environment by consciously managing energy and fossil fuel consumption, and consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. With this initiative, SMYPC aims to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the global effort in addressing climate change.

School Milk in Aluminum Cans

SMYPC co-developed and provided the technology to improve shelf life, handling, transport, and storage of sterilized carabao milk by packaging it in aluminum cans. This project, which supports the national feeding program of Filipino children, has also enabled school milk to reach far-flung areas and its intended beneficiaries.

Medical Missions and Other Services

For decades, SMYPC has conducted medical missions in various communities where we operate, this is part of the company’s way of giving back and helping community development.

Support to Educational Programs

SMYPC takes part in the San Miguel Foundation’s program of providing tertiary education to identified children of disadvantaged families. On top of that, the company supports government programs to help various public schools. These projects aim to help improve learning outcomes, by increasing the chances of its beneficiaries, and prepare them for a better future.

Compliance with Global Standards (FSSC, ISO, Halal, etc.)

SMYPC adheres to recognized global standards that help produce quality products and services. SMYPC continuously strives to improve operations and raise the quality level not only of its products and services but also of its people.

Innovation in People Program

SMYPC promotes a culture of innovation through employee training and participation in work improvement teams that focus on enhancing productivity, systems and the working environment.

Development of Eco-friendly Processes and Products

As part of its journey towards a cleaner and greener future, SMYPC has continuously developed sustainable packaging that encompasses the design, material choice, structure, and performance of its products.